Kindergarten Creation Project

The kindergarten children who come to TBS on Fridays embarked on a project having to do with creation.  The big question that they explored was “Why did God create Shabbat?” Throughout this unit, the children explored the creation story in B’reishit (Genesis), the first place that we encounter Shabbat in Jewish tradition.  Then they moved on to in depth exploration of the seven days of creation.  Using the Torah itself as well as modern day re-telling of the creation story as resources, the children made their own interpretations of the seven days through words, drama, paper sculptures, and watercolors. Here, you can see the students with the Torah unrolled on their laps as we read the first verses of Genesis (the 7-day creation story) together.As part of this project, we welcomed Liz Webb Green, a parent from our TBS community, as an artist-in-residence for this experience. Liz helped the children to use different media in order to express their own reflections on the creation story through art.  As a group, they worked on the creation of a kindergarten Torah depicting the creation narrative.  The children were able to present their group Torah to their parents in a special session at the end of the project.  At this time, the children and their parents created beautiful Torah covers to go on top of a copy of the group Torah that each child received.  We then held a Torah dedication ceremony in the sanctuary. The students were so proud to show their parents the beautiful Torah that displayed their interpretation of the creation story, ending with Shabbat.  The Torahs were taken home so that each household would have a home ritual object that illustrated how we get to Shabbat at the end of every week.